Population Northern Norway

Some notes about the dashboard presented below:

The figures show the population development in northern Norway, by county and gender in the period 2011-2021.

From 2011-2021, the population in Nordland increased by 1.3 per cent, while the population in Troms and Finnmark increased by 4.9 per cent. At the same time, both counties had a population decline from the beginning of 2020.

In Troms and Finnmark, population growth has been among both men and women, but where relative growth has been strongest among men. In Nordland, the increase has mainly come from men.

In parallel, the proportion of children and young people has decreased during the period, while the proportion of older people has increased.
An aging population, where the population is also declining, has an impact on the level of expenditure and the need for employment in the nursing and care sector. Fewer people of working age also means that there are fewer available resources in the form of tax revenues and labor. This in turn will be able to affect both the services offered in the public sector and productivity and growth in the business sector, which individually and collectively are important for further employment and prosperity development. In sum, the demographic development is challenging for the economic sustainability of companies, municipalities and Norway.