Transportation (Assessment of Northern Norway)

More and more people drive electric cars. In 2019, electric cars accounted for just over 4 per cent of the total passenger car fleet in Nordland, 2.9 per cent in Troms and 1 per cent in Finnmark. Nevertheless, it is still the case that in percentage terms there are more than twice as many electric cars on a national basis as in Nordland. In northern Norway it is in the Nordland municipalities; Bodø, Vefsn, Evenes, Narvik and Leirfjord we find the most electric cars per 1000 inhabitants.

In line with the fact that more electric cars have come on the roads, greenhouse gas emissions per capita have decreased. In 2011, the car fleet accounted for emissions of 1.27 tonnes of CO2 per inhabitant, while the figure was reduced to 1.11 tonnes six years later. While private cars caused the largest share of CO emissions in road traffic in 2011, heavier vehicles accounted for the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions ten years later.