Consumption puts pressure on natural resources and contributes to pollution and loss of natural diversity. It is therefore important that consumption decreases.

Roughly speaking, people in northern Norway throw away less household waste per capita than the national average. In northern Norway, it is people from Nordland who throw the most. In 2020, every inhabitant in Nordland threw 116 kg more household waste than every single inhabitant in Troms and Finnmark.

At the same time, households in Nordland deliver far more of the household waste for material recycling than households in Troms and Finnmark, and the national average. In Nordland, just over 40 per cent goes to recycling.

From 2015-2020, Troms, and especially Finnmark, gradually increased its share of household waste that goes to recycling. Nevertheless, Troms and Finnmark were seven percentage points below the average for Nordland. The average on a national basis has also increased in the same period, and was approximately at the same level as Nordland in 2020.