The BIN project is developed through strategic partnership between academic and research institutions, authorities, and commercial partners from Norway, Russia, Sweden, Finland. We also work towards establishing partnerships with other countries along the Polar Circle – Canada, USA, Denmark (Greenland), Island. Coordinator of the project is High North Center for Business at Nord University Business School.

Opportunities for commercial partners

To secure both long-term development and practical value of the project, our goal is to gradually involve commercial partners in all countries participating in BIN. As a commercial partner in BIN your organization will be able to make a positive impact to the strategic development of the project and participate in a communicative arena for business, political and academic actors interested in sustainable development and value creation in the Arctic. The project results are communicated on various national and international fora. Visibility of the partners in project presentations will strengthen their public profile. For questions regarding commercial partnership in BIN please contact Chairman of the BIN Steering Committee / +47 906 49 591.

Consortium partners responsible for R&D and technical work related to the production of BIN report: